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Fact sheet about Topaz with a description of chemical and physical properties, locations, image galleries . . . (Mineralienatlas - Fossilienatlas)


extraLAPIS No. 14

extraLAPIS No. 14 - "Topaz - Perfect Cleavage", hundred pages about Topaz


Topaz - Gallery

Photos of Topaz in different colors and from different locations, provided by gemdat.org, a free online gemological database.

Topaz - Inclusions

With some exceptions, inclusions in gemstones are considered as annoying and depreciate the value of a gem.

But some photographers show that inclusions can be seen from a new perspective and give insights into fantastic microworlds:

Photomicrography | Anthony de Goutière

“Inclusions as an art form”

Topaz - Inclusions (Anthony de Goutière)

Fig.: Inclusion within a Topaz, Autor: Anthony de Goutière, anthonydegoutiere.com


Danny J Sanchez: The Art of Photomicrography - Gemstone Inclusions

Biotiteinschluss in Topas (Danny J. Sanchez)

Fig.: Inclusion within a Topaz (Biotite), Author:  Danny J. Sanchez, dannyjsanchez.com

Topas in Art

Even artists are inspired by the morphology and colors of gemstones . Below two pictures of Topaz, created by the Spanish artist "Felix Estrella".

This and other very colorful paintings of minerals and gemstones can be found in his gallery "Galería de minerales"

Painting of Topaz by Felix Estrella (Spain)


Another painting technique is used by the Canadian artist "Carly Waito", who has already attracted attention at a number of international exhibitions with her photorealistic oil paintings of minerals.

The following picture of topaz is part of her series created in 2013.

Painting of Topaz by Carly Waito (Canada)

More and very detailed paintings of minerals are displayed on her website: Carly Waito - Paintings of gems and minerals

Topaz - "Atlas der Krystallformen"

More than 40 pages are dedicated to the crystal forms of Topaz in the "Atlas der Krystalformen".

These well-known books with exhaustive illustrated listings of minerals were created by Victor Goldschmidt, a German mineralogist and crystallographer.

All books were digitized and are available online: Atlas der Krystalformen (Victor Goldschmidt)

Pages about Topaz were extracted from volume 8 and can be downloaded here in pdf:

Topaz - Atlas der Krystallfromen

Topaz - Atlas der Krystallformen


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