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    Beryll - Rough Morganite
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    Rough stones of prasiolite
    Topaz - Sky Blue

Green Quartz - Prasiolite Rough Stones.

Prasiolite - Rough Green Quartz

Prasiolite, the transparent green member of the quartz family is named after the Greek words prason (=leek) and lithos (=stone).
Sometimes called vermarine or amegreen it is a rare variety of quartz.

We trade prasiolite in different sizes and forms and supply prasiolite to the jewellery industry, where our prasiolite gemstones are set in rings, bracelets, chains or other pieces of jewellery made of gold, silver or other materials.

Prasiolite in an elegant or classic simple cut, for premium and fashion jewellery or to follow modern trends. Wether for the office or in your spare time - Prasiolite is always the right choice and jewellery with prasiolite in vivid green can be combined with every dress and worn on any occasion.

  • Rough stones of prasiolite Prasiolite (Green Quartz, Rough Stones)